Our Clinic Happenings

Come See Santa

Posted: December 20, 2019
By: Dr Bob

Braile Chiropractic Christmas Party

Our Christmas party will be all day during our normal clinic hours. Snacks, music, and gifts. Santa will be arriving for the kids in the afternoon from 3pm till 5pm. Join the Celebration!


Monday, December 23, 2019
3pm till 5pm


Free toys for the kids!
FREE pictures with your camera or phone!
Snacks and Goodies!
All are welcome!

First Christmas Season at out New Clinic

Posted: December 2, 2019
By: Dr Bob

This is our first Christmas holiday season at our new facility. As those of you who have been with us for years know, we love the holidays and we love to decorate. With this new clinic, and drop ceilings, we have the opportunity to go all out. 

Although we do enjoy the decorations, this was done for you our practice members. We believe you should enjoy both the holidays and good health. 

So from all of us to all our practice members, current, past, and future, have a healthy and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Riding & Adjusting

Posted: November 23, 2019
By: Dr Bob

Two things I have been doing for decades. I've been a chiropractor for over 41 years, but I've been riding for almost 50 years.

Grand Opening - Open House Week

Posted: September 14, 2019
By: Dr Bob

Come join us and get presents and giveaways worth worth over $100 !!!

Caleb's First Birthday Bash

Posted: August 22, 2019
By: Dr Bob

Everyone at our clinic had a great time this pas Monday for the celebration of Caleb's first birthday. Below are just some of the pictures of the birthday boy and his party.

Grand Opening banner

Posted: July 24, 2019
By: Dr Bob

Our Grand Opening Banner is now on the building. Please help spread the message and refer others to chiropractic during this special event.

Grand Opening banner on Braile Chiropractic new clinic in West Marietta GA

We're Open!

Posted: July 12, 2019
By: Dr Bob

We're now open and ready to serve you. Please note the entrance is on the side of the building under the solid overhang. 


We're so close. Next Monday see you at the new office.

Posted: June 24, 2019
By: Dr Bob

Next Monday, July 1st we will officially open our new office 4 miles west of our current location. Although our office has served us well over the years we look forward to a number of improvements.

Easier access - getting in and our of our parking lot will be a breeze. No more making a U-turn at Polk street! If you have to make a U-turn at The Avenue West Cobb, there will be no issue with traffic.

More Parking - We had only 5 parking spaces for the past years. At the new clinic there are 17 in the front alone, with more in the back. Parking will no longer be a issue.

Three Adjusting Rooms - Going from 2 to three adjusting rooms is a 50% increase in our ability to serve people during our busiest times. No more waiting for a room to free up.

More Efficient System - How you check-in and get into the rooms will be faster, easier and more efficient. We will explain the new system to all our practice members in the first few weeks.

Larger Education Room - We have doubles the Education Room (waiting room) seating from 10 seats to now 20. No more standing during our busiest times.

Same Friendly Faces, With More Smiles - If our staff looks happier, it is because they will no longer be cramped into the small receptionist room. The new receptionist area is much larger and more functional.

Only one week to go before we move to our new clinic!

Posted: June 19, 2019
By: Dr Bob

One Week Away - What to Expect

Starting July 1st, we will be operating out of our new, and greatly improved facility, just 4 miles west of our current location.  In addition to many benefits, such as more parking and better access, there will be additional changes in our procedures that help to ensure that we can better serve our patients and the community for years to come.

Below is a list of some of the changes you will see at our new clinic.

One-Stop Check-In: When you come to our clinic you will only need to stop once at our front desk to check in. During that check in you will handle scheduling for your next visit as well as any financial considerations that need to be addressed.  After your adjustment visit, you will no longer need to stop at our front desk a second time before leaving. This will save you time on each of you visits.

More Adjusting Rooms: In our new clinic there will be three adjusting rooms. The additional room means less waiting when the other rooms are occupied. There will also be changes to improve how you get into the adjusting rooms. (more on this later)

Larger Education Room: Our new facility as a much larger education room (waiting room). This has allowed us to double the number of chairs so that no one should be left standing. This also allows us to accommodate more guests for our doctor’s reports.

Fee Changes: There will be some fee adjustments to some of our services and plans. We have kept these to a minimum to offset the added expenses associated with this new larger facility. These changes do not affect everyone, as many of our fees remain the same. Our goal has always been to remain one of the most affordable chiropractic facilities in Georgia.  If you have any questions, please as our front desk receptionist.

Information Screen: As you enter the new clinic you will immediately notice a new information screen facing the entrance. This screen will contain announcements and updates concerning holiday closures and special events. Please review this screen as you enter so as not to miss any announcements.

Water Bottles: New revelations concerning the amount of plastic that gets into bottled drinking water, as well as the negative environmental impact, has led us to the decision to discontinue having water bottles readily available at our clinic. 


The painting has started!

Posted: May 17, 2019
By: Dr Bob

They have started painting our future clinic. Next will be carpeting! We are getting closer.