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The following full length videos are for educational purposes only. They are not contained on this site, but rather are links to the videos available on YouTube™ or other video feed sites. We have assembled this collection as an educational offering for visitors to this website. These videos may not be representative of the care offered in our office. Click on any of the thumbnails below and the video will pop-up and begin to play.

Chiropractor in west cobb across from Marietta High School
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver:
Marketing to Doctors (HBO) - 17 min.

Dr. Braile Chiropractor in Marietta GA
Dr. Andrew Wakefield ~ BREAKING NEWS ~ MMR Vaccine / Autism Link Confirmed - 40 min.

Braile Chiropractic serving Cobb and Paulding county
Vaccine Nation - Director's Cut Gary Null - 90 min.

Chiropractor across from Marietta High School
Bruce Lipton - Alignment, Chiropractic,
The new science and You - 67 min.

Dr. Braile principled chiropractor in Marietta GA
From Simple Beginnngs - The history and science of chiropractic hosted by Jack Perkins - 1995 - 29 min

Braile Chiropractic near Marietta High School
Second Opinions: Chiropractic looks at health care (Canadian) - 28 min.