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Affordable Chiropractic care in West Cobb County Georgia

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You cannot put a price on health.  However, obtaining and maintaining good physical health, should not ruin your financial health. The chiropractic care that we offer is the highest quality, yet affordable for you and your family.   If obtaining and maintaining good health is your priority, we can help.  

What About My Insurance?
Does My Plan Cover Your Care?

Short Answer – Yes.  At Braile Chiropractic we can accept or match most in-network benefits for your chiropractic coverage. Most plans, even the in-network plans, have deductibles and co-payments that we can either match, or actually improve upon. In many cases our care will be more affordable than in your network.  

Initial Visit (Unless other discounts apply)

  • Examination with Nerve System Scans.........................$45.00
  • Spinal X-rays (if needed)................................................$25.00 per image. (normal series is 4 images)

Adjustment Visits

Pay Per Visit Fee
            Paid each visit …………………..……………..……..$45.00 individual ………….…….$60.00 family

CMA (Chiropractic Made Affordable) monthly fee for initial corrective care (first 3 months of care only)
            Unlimited visits paid monthly …………………$250.00 individual ………………$375.00 family

Affordable chiropractor Dr Robert Braile in West Cobb County GeorgiaChiropractic Made Affordable program "CMA"

The  Braile Chiropractic CMA is a discount membership program. There is no charge to become a member of this program. Should you choose to participate in this program the fees for your services are significantly reduced. 

The Braile Chiropractic CMA membership program is simply an agreement between you and our clinic.  In this program, patients may not submit any CMA expenses to any insurance company or other third-party healthcare program. Part of this agreement is that our clinic will not respond to requests for information from insurance companies or other third-parties, or do paperwork for insurance purposes or acknowledge requests for such on any CMA patient's case. (Other than those requests required by law.) Joining Braile Chiropractic CMA membership program does not obligate you to receive or continue care at our clinic.

Braile Chiropractic CMA Wellness Program (After Initial Corrective Care)

The Wellness Program is available for those who have completed the initial corrective portion of their care, (usually 90 days or less). With this plan, you and your family can receive unlimited chiropractic wellness care at a low monthly fee. This plan includes re-examinations and any update x-rays when needed. This program is only available to those who have completed their initial corrective care. Participation in this program does not obligate you to receive care, and you may discontinue at any time.

          CMA Individual Wellness Monthly Program .......... $90.00 - per month unlimited care

          CMA Family Wellness Monthly Program ................ $135.00 - per month unlimited care

Children 12 Years and Under - FREE with Parent

Children benefit the most with chiropractic!  We believe all children should have a life free from nerve interference caused by vertebral subluxation.  As a blessing to the children of our community, children 12 years of age and under are free when one or both of their parents are active patients in our clinic.

Three Easy Ways to Pay for Your Care

In order to make is as easy as possible for you to get the chiropractic care you need, payment for services can be made in one of the three ways.

  1. Payment In Advance : Using this option you can pay for your recommended corrective care up front and receive a 10% discount.
  2. Monthly Payments :  If you choose, payment for services can also be made in manageable monthly amounts. The total cost for your corrective care can be estimated and equally divided over the time of your care program. Then payments are automatically made using a credit card or bank card with an automatic deduction of the amounts.
  3. Payment Per Visit : If you choose payment can be made in full for each visit at the time of service. Payments can be made using a credit card, cash or check. NOTE : Braile Chiropractic CMA & Wellness  program discounts are not available when using the Payment Per Visit option.

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