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Looking to PEAK?  Looking to Learn? Looking to Adjust? 

At Braile Chiropractic we seek motivated PEAK students/interns for our clinic. PEAK students must be excited about serving in our office and come prepared to work. In exchange, you will receive invaluable experience for your entire career. Unlike many other PEAK offices, once you are shown to be proficient to adjust within our systems, you will be adjusting!

All our patients are asked one question when they arrive at our clinic. “Do you have any preference who adjusts you today?”  Most do not, and one of our PEAK interns will then be adjusting that patient.  Our PEAK interns are taught our system of adjusting. Therefore, the patient receives the same adjustments from any of our PEAK interns. Because of this, most patients do not have a preference who is adjusting them.  With this system, many of our inters make their adjustment quota for the quarter within their first week at our clinic.

For more information you can email us at, or call 770-693-0914 to arrange a time to stop by our clinic.

Our Braile Chiropractic PEAK promotion videos.

Excited PEAK toy   You Will adjust at Braile Chiropractic   Excitement for Braile PEAK   You Will Adjust  PEAK close to Life U 

Please watch the videos below to get a glimpse at what others say about their PEAK experience at Braile Chiropractic.

Dr. Harrison Moss PEAK chiropractic intern    

Dr. Rebecca PEAK chiropractic intern   Esteban PEAK chiropractic intern 

Dr. Edward PEAK chiropractic intern   John PEAK chiropractic intern 

Dr. Ben PEAK chiropractic intern   Devin PEAK chiropractic Intern

 Dr. Hannah PEAK chiropractic intern   Dr. Mike PEAK chiropractic Intern Dr. Ethan PEAK chiropractic Intern

Chiropractic Intern Richie talks about Braile Chiropractic of Marietta GA  Chiropractic Intern Drew talks about Braile Chiropractic of Marietta GA  Chiropractic Intern Nick talks about Braile Chiropractic of Marietta GA

Intern Joshua Testifies for Dr. Braile Chiropractor in Marietta GA      Intern Jason Testifies for Dr. Braile Chiropractor in Marietta GA     Intern Justin Testifies for Dr. Braile Chiropractor in Marietta GA 

Click on the thumbnail images above to see a short video from previous PEAK interns to hear their experiences at Braile Chiropractic

DE Band of Brothers Tuesday Night Principled Chiro Broadcast
with Dr Bobby Braile on February 2, 2021

Chiro Rants - podcast for chiropractors and chiropractic students


 Discussions for the chiropractic profession and chiropractic students. Asking the hard questions and taking a critical inside look at chiropractic, the profession, education, and practice.

All episodes are free on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, or where ever you get your podcasts. 

Life University Academic Calendar

Advice from Dr. Rob Schiffman

Students, the one piece of advice that I give to all Life students is to attend DE meetings. These are what built your school and what gave most of the successful chiropractors you know affiliated with Life their motivation.

Help spread the life-changing message of chiropractic while learning to build your future practice.  opportunities to serve include screenings, help with educational programs and service at our clinic. Not all service is glamorous, exciting, or in some instances, very interesting.  However, all service helps us spread the chiropractic message and change lives.  Check with our front desk for future areas of service.

Dr. Sid Williams - "Are you Into Chiropractic? or, Is Chiropractic Into You?"

Dr. Sid Williams was the influence in my life that shaped me into the chiropractor, and person I have become.  Unfortunately, the students today at Life will not have the opportunity to hear Dr. Sid in person as I did for many years.  However, his message is timeless and is as important today as it was when spoke them. Please take the time to view this address and gain from the man who changed chiropractic forever.

Dr Sid Williams monument at Life University near Braile Chiropractic in Marietta GA

Special Offer from Now You Know Inc. for Chiropractic Students 

It is never too early to start building your website for your practice.  Click on the video thumbnail below and learn about the special deal Now You Know has for you! Click on the flyer thumbnail to download a flyer on this special program. 

Now You Know websites for chiropractic students      Websites for chiropractic students      

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