Will chiropractic help me? An answer from Dr. Braile.

Will Chiropractic Help Me?

In a word, YES ! - Does this mean chiropractic will make you feel better with your particular health problem?

Your body is self-healing. This means your body can correct most of its own health problems, when there is no interference to your body's innate abilities. This can only happen if your body is functioning normally. Your nervous system is the master controller of all function in your body. It is the job of your nerve system to see that everything is functioning properly and keeping you healthy.

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So, Will Chiropractic Help Me?

In a word, YES !  - Ultimately it is the innate intelligence of your body that heals you and helps you feel better. Chiropractors do not claim to heal you or cure you. Chiropractors remove interference from your body’s nervous system allowing your Innate Intelligence to function to the best of your ability .

Since it is your nerve system that controls all the function of your body and ultimately your health, any interference to your nerve system will affect the function of your body and therefore your body’s ability to keep you healthy.

In essence, only you can cure you.  What the chiropractor does is to locate and remove interference to your nervous system and thus allow your body’s amazing healing abilities to do the job they were intended to do.


The Subluxation.

Subluxations are interferences to your nervous system that occur when  one or more of the bones in your spine (vertebrae) move out of alignment and add pressure or irritate the spinal nerves.  This then causes the nerve system to malfunction.   When your nerves malfunction, parts of your body will function at less than 100% of their abilities, and will not do the job they were intended to do.

Chiropractors seek to first locate, and then correct these subluxations by a series of specific scientific chiropractic adjustments to your spine. By correcting these subluxations you are allowing your nervous system to work normally and therefore allowing your body to heal itself. Click here for more information on subluxation.

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So One More Time, Will Chiropractic Help Me?

In a word, YES ! - Chiropractic helps you by working to free your nervous system of interference from subluxations. This then allows your body’s own innate healing power to help heal you of whatever problems you may have.

Chiropractic actually helps you return to health by removing interference to your body’s nervous system. How much better you feel, or how much relief you get from any particular health problem depends on the length of time you have had your subluxations and your body’s healing capabilities.

Doctors of Chiropractic do not treat your pain, symptoms or diseases. They work to help your body’s own innate healing abilities, so that you can heal yourself.

Millions of people have found health after suffering with all kinds of problems. Your body will always be better off with a nervous system free of interference from subluxations.


I get it, I heal me!

Dr Bob Braile - A chiropractor serving Marietta Georgia and surounding communities

So is my body capable of helping me with my problem?

The human body is an amazing creation. It has capabilities far beyond what most people give it credit for. The ultimate answer of  how healthy you can be rests entirely with your own body’s innate abilities.

Most people get very good results under chiropractic care. This is because removing interference to your nerve system, by correcting subluxations, gives you the best chance for your body to heal itself so you can return to total good health.

Under chiropractic care, not only should you feel better, but with your nerve system functioning better, you will actually be healthier.

Working toward your better health,

Robert Braile, D.C., Family Chiropractor


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