We Accept Medicare

Chiropractic care is covered under Medicare for chiropractic adjustments.   At Braile Chiropractic of Marietta, Georgia, we accept Medicare assignment within the Medicare allowable guidelines.  Below is an outline of how Medicare works and how Braile Chiropractic works with your Medicare coverage to give you the maximum allowable benefits.


Medicare accepted at Braile Chiropractic in West Marietta GA next to The Avenue West Cobb

Initial Visit

Medicare requires an initial examination in order to establish a diagnosis. However, Medicare does not pay for either the chiropractic examination or x-rays needed to start care.  Because these are considered “uncovered services” and because some secondary insurances follow Medicare guidelines, your secondary insurance may not pay for these needed initial procedures.

To help make the initial visit affordable, Braile Chiropractic offers a $35.00 initial visit special for those who have no other coverage for the initial visit. 


Chiropractic Medicare Deductible

Medicare has a separate Type B deductible of $233 per year. Since the initial visit is not a covered service, the fee for the initial visit is not counted toward your Medicare deductible.


Adjustment Visits Covered Under Medicare

Medicare will typically pay for about 25 chiropractic visits per year .  In our office, a typical co-payment for a Medicare chiropractic adjustment visits is around $8.00 per visit.  In some cases the co-payment could vary, or may be entirely covered by a secondary insurance. Our staff will be happy to check your Medicare co-insurance to see what is covered. 

Select from the icons below for your category to see what discounts you are eligible for.

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