$35 initial visit for Exam and x-rays at Braile Chiropractic in west Cobb county

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Special New Patient Offer

To help people during these tough financial times Braile Chiropractic is offering our own "New Patient Special" offer.  All new patients will receive an examination, spinal x-rays, report of findings, and a first adjustment.

This $35.00 special offer includes your examination, any needed spinal x-rays, a full report of findings, and a first adjustment. These services may not be performed all on the initial visit.  

If the report of findings and the first adjustment are scheduled for a subsequent visit, there is no additional charge for this second visit as they are still included with the one-time $35.00 fee.

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You cannot put a price on health.  However, obtaining and maintaining good physical health, should not ruin your financial health.   It is for this reason that we make the care in our office affordable on almost any budget.