How Long Will It Take?  -  Do I have to keep coming forever?

Braile Chiropractic Marietta Georgia next to the Avenue West Cobb on Dallas Hwy One of the more common questions a chiropractor gets is “How long will it take?” Many times that same concept is asked by the question, “Do I have to keep coming forever?”  Although every person is different, the answer to this depends entirely on your goals. Here are some answers to the “how long” questions based upon your possible goals.

I want some limited relief:

If your goal is only to get some small amount of relief from your immediate health problem, you may see this within a few days or less.  The seriousness of the underlying spinal problem will, of course, affect the timeline.  Two people can have the same pain from very different spinal problems, requiring completely different timelines for relief. However, most people notice some form of relief fairly quickly.

I want complete resolution of my health problem:

The time required for this again will vary dependant on the underlying seriousness of the subluxation complexes we have to correct.  This is also affected by how long the problems and their underlying subluxations have been there. Making permanent changes to spinal structure takes time and repetition. To correct subluxations that may have been there for years will take cooperation between the doctor and the practice member over time. The good news here is that most people feel much better, long before their underlying spinal cause gets completely corrected.  The timeline for this type of care will be specifically reviewed with new patients at their Doctor’s Report when the x-rays are reviewed.

I want to be healthy, and stay healthy:

This is our goal for you.  This speaks to the question of, “Do I have to keep coming forever?”  Many people decide to continue chiropractic as part of a “Wellness Lifestyle”.  If you look at this similarly to an exercise program the same question can be raised. “Do you have to keep exercising for the rest of your life?”  The answer is obviously NO.  You only have to keep exercising as long as you want to keep healthy and get the benefits of an exercise program.

The same can be said for chiropractic. You do not have to continue with any care you do not want to.  However, many people decide to continue with wellness chiropractic care in order to maximize the health and preventative benefits a healthy properly functioning nervous system gives them.  It is entirely up to you.


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