Services Offered at Braile Chiropractic

affordable chiropractic is for everybody in MariettaSpecific Scientific Chiropractic Adjustments

Braile Chiropractic, located in Marietta across from the high school, is a modern facility where we offer specific scientific chiropractic adjustments.  Our goal with this care is to reduce and remove interference from your nervous system, known as subluxations. 

Your body has an “innate” ability to be healthy, so long as the controlling mechanism, the nervous system, is free from interference.  Subluxations are a major cause of interference to the function of your nervous system.  With time and repetition, our goal is to correct subluxations and allow your body to return to good health naturally, and without drugs.


Other Services

  • On-Premise Spinal X-Ray and Analysis
  • Chiropractic examinations
  • Subluxation detection using Surface EMG and Thermal scans
  • Detailed Principled Report of Findings - we believe everything should be explained before care is started
  • Serving for the sake of serving, giving for the sake of giving, Loving for the sake of Loving.
    (see first visit )


What Heals?

At Braile Chiropractic, we understand that we do the adjustments, but God does the healing!
(see the Faith and Health section of our website)


3515 Dallas Hwy Suite 102, Marietta, GA 30064
(Nest to The Avenue West Cobb)